Tides cycle approximately every 12 hours, so the time from high tide to low tide (or conversely from low tide to the next high tide) is about 6 hours. There is a morning (or AM) high tide and an evening (or PM) high tide each day. Also, there are two low tides each day, one in AM hours and one in PM hours.

Money Island tides and weather

Money Island Marina - where the fish are

Money Island typically experiences 5 1/2′ to 6 1/2′ tidal differences in water level from high tide to low tide. This is a greater difference than many other tidal zones outside our region. During certain times of the month the tidal water level differences are even greater.

While the marina is open at all times, consider that certain times are more conducive to specific tide times. Following is a tip sheet regarding tide schedule:

  • Avoid using the boat ramp at low tide. It requires more physical effort and is potentially more strain on your boat and equipment. Also, there is greater risk of getting trailer wheels stuck in mud at the bottom of the ramp. If you get stuck you are responsible for the cost of getting you out and it might be expensive.
  • Water currents in the mouth of the cove are strong in mid-tide. This makes it difficult to make precise boat maneuvers and can pose a challenge for kayakers paddling against the tide.
  • Shell spotting is best at low tide. The cove beach has a sandbar that tends to gather shell fragments and bay “diamonds” (glass nuggets from the former local glass-blowing factories).
  • Fishing is best on the incoming tide and just before and after high tide. It tends to be worst at dead low tide and dead high tide when the water is not moving. (Although eels are typically caught at low tide).
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