Think Safety

“Marinas and waterways are inherently dangerous. Enjoy our resources at your own risk”.

These words are printed on every visitor’s pass and member agreement at Money Island Marina. Yet sometimes we forget how real the risk can be.

  • Moss covered surfaces are very slippery.
  • Keep hands and feet out from between boats and docks. The sudden movement of heavy floating boats and docks can easily crush a limb.
  • The running tide is very strong and a swimmer often cannot oppose its force. Instead, float with the tide rather than exert yourself trying to fight it.
  • Water and electricity do not mix.
  • Wear a life jacket when around water. This is a must for children.
  • Take lightning risk seriously. Stay low, stay away from metal and seek shelter.
  • When out on a boat, even a kayak, have all your safety equipment ready. Have at least one cell phone in a durable sealed waterproof bag and have a signalling device (flare gun with extra flares) on board.
  • Do not walk in the marsh alone. Soft mud can sometimes have the same effect as quicksand.
  • Do not walk on docks or go near water when ice is present, especially if you are alone.