Marina Use FAQs

This page is designed to provide more information about Money Island Marina’s private use arrangement. If you have an unanswered question, please send it to

What are the benefits to me?

Money Island Marina’s unique private use arrangement: 1) makes boating, fishing and bayshore access easier and more affordable, 2) allows you to be treated as a VIP here with “owner” privileges, 3) ability to reserve equipment, bait and seafood in advance by phone or text message, 4) ability to picnic areas use for private or group use, 5) feel more comfortable from increased security knowing everyone here is a private guest.

 Why are we changing to a private use system?

The most basic reason is that there are no longer enough people visiting Money Island who are able to support a business.

The new system allows us to convert from a public to a private-use facility. The other advantages are: 1) better information about those who are on the site, 2) improved security, 3) more predictable revenue, 4) ability to offer more value and increase the number of services, 5) ability to bypass handling so many small  dollar transactions, 6) reduce waste of live and fresh baits, 7) increase overall usage of the facility, 8) reduce trash and damage because users feel connected to the facility, 9) create a positive community environment, 10) allow all of us at MIM to more easily know all of our users by name, 11) encourage referrals to new members, 12) avoid health department concerns and clarify that we are not a retail food establishment as defined by NJ law, 13) benefit from the positive public relations be offering something different and unique, 14) allows the marina manager to identify and welcome guests as membership prospects, 15) eases our sales tax compliance burden. We could go on, but you get the idea!

Why are there no charges?

The cost of operating the facilities cannot be covered by user fees that the users are willing to pay. Charging a fee gives a false sense of economic trade of value that does not exist. The new concept of a no-charge facility is to replace the fee for products and services with larger charitable donations from those who are willing to do so.

What is the guest policy?

Guests are welcome and encouraged. We ask that guests fill in a Guest Registration Form. We anticipate that that there is no guest fee. The marina manager has full discretion on managing guest policies.

How do I get more information?

Speak with Tony Novak at (856) 447-3576.

I have an idea or a question. Who should I speak with?