Marina Membership FAQs

This page is designed to provide more information about the new membership program at Money Island Marina. If you have an unanswered question, please send it to

What are the benefits to me? Why should I join?

There are many benefits and reasons to join as a marina member: 1) makes boating and fishing more affordable, 2) be treated as a VIP here with member privileges, 3) ability to reserve bait and seafood in advance by phone or text message, 4) ability to picnic areas use for group use, 5) avoid small cash purchase transactions, 6) charge privileges at the marina, 7) feel more comfortable from increased security knowing everyone here is a member or guest, 8) invitations to seafood barbecues, lectures on local issues and special events. Again, there are many more. Take a look at the membership benefits list and you will likely see more reasons.

 Why are we changing to a membership program?

The membership plan allows us to convert from a public to a private use facility. The advantages to us are: 1) better information about those who are on the site, 2) improved security, 3) more predictable revenue, 4) ability to offer more value and increase the number of services, 5) ability to bypass handling so many small  dollar transactions, 6) reduce waste of live and fresh baits, 7) increase overall usage of the facility, 8) reduce trash and damage because users feel connected to the facility, 9) create a positive community environment, 10) allow all of us at MIM to more easily know all of our users by name, 11) encourage referrals to new members, 12) avoid health department concerns and clarify that we are not a retail food establishment as defined by NJ law, 13) benefit from the positive public relations be offering something different and unique, 14) allows the marina manager to identify and welcome guests as membership prospects, 15) eases our sales tax compliance burden. We could go on, but you get the idea!

What is the concept of the member benefits policy?

The concept is to replace the fee for products and services that do not cost us on a per unit basis with a single annual household membership fee. For example, to illustrate the distinction, minnows or grass shrimp that we catch are included as member benefits (even though we must pay a license fee to the state to catch them). But live bait that we must purchase from a local watermen is not included as a member benefit.

Who is covered under the member policy?

Membership priviges extend to the listed member and all household members listed on the membership application. Others will be considered as quests.

What is the guest policy?

Guests are welcome and encouraged. We expect to offer guests our highest level of VIP treatment. (After all, we want guests to come back and join as members!) Guests are expected to check in fill out a Guest Registration Form. Guests who visit more than once are expected to join as members. When a guest is using some specific resources there may be a guest fee. Normally we anticipate no guest fee. The marina manager has full discretion on managing guest policies.

How much is the memberhip fee?

The cost is $54.38 ($50 membership fee plus $4.38 NJ sales tax) for 2018 for the household membership if paid in cash or online debit card. A $2 credit card processing fee may also be applied. The membership runs on a calendar year basis. The fee may change in the future.

What happens to my memberhip fee payment?

The membership fee is used to pay for and offest our cost of providing marina services. Marina financial transacions are supervised by the controller, Tony Novak, and some property management services are provided by Baysave Corporation. In most cases we maintain an open books policy so if you have a question about marina finances, please ask.

How do I join as a member?

We have an online membership application form but you can also join in person/on site or even with a message that contains your contact information. Payment is not required with the online application; we will send an electronic invoice.

What should I expect when I join?

The marina manager will contact you to make an introduction, verify your contact and emergency information. We will occasionally communicate by text message and email with marina communications, news and marina offers.

How many members?

We have a modest goal of 100 members in 2018, the first year of the membership program.

What is expected of members?

Check-in – Members are asked to ‘check in’ when they arrive at the marina. That check in can be simply a wave as you drive by to the dock, a cell phone call or text message as you arrive or, of course, a short chat in the bait shop. The important point i to be in communication with marina management.

Referrals and feedback – We expect that if you are pleased with your marina experience that you tell other member prospects. We expect that if you are not pleased with any marina experience that you tell us. We expect you to communicate with us in person, by phone or text message.

Cancellations – If you need to cancel a reservation, please do it as early as possible.

Guests – You are encouraged and welcome to bring guests. Please have them fill out a Guest Registration Form on arrival

Tips – We expect that mambers who receive extra service from marina staff will occasionally offer tips. Marina staff are either volunteers or are paid at modest levels becasue of the nature of a small remote facility like ours

Keep contact information up-to-date – Please make sure we have current contact information for the member and emergency contact.

How are reservations handled?

Resources are offered on a first come first served reservation system. Reservations can be made in person, by phone or test message. The marina manager will confirm reservations.

What happens if I make a reservation and don’t show up?

We understand that plans change. Changing weather conditions often disrupt our plans here on the water. However, we expect member who make reservations will actually show up or cancel those reservations within a reasonable time frame. Resources that are reserved are not available to other members and have a real cost to our operations. Loss of use of our resources for “no show” are not covered by the membership agreement and you may be charged extra for this loss of use.  Members who make a reservation and don’t show up lose their reservation privileges until they speak with the marina manager, “settle up” and have that privilege restored.

Is this an unlimited free bait and ice deal?

No. First, we must allocate the daily quantity of available bait and ice with estimated expected demand. (This is one of the reasons that calling ahead for reservations is important). In some cases rationing is expected. Second, the offer is meant to provide reasonable use while using our facility. The membership agreement is not intended, for example, to provide ice for your party at home or to stock up on bait for your next fishing trip out of Cape May.

How do I get more information?

complete membership application package is available for download that includes the current marina policies.

I have an idea or a question. Who should I speak with?

We want to hear. Please contact the marina manager (Captain Bruce).

What if there is a disagreement about membership or benefits?

The marina manager (Captain Bruce) has full authority and discretion on site for all issues at all times. If you have a dispute,complaint or feedback, please contact the controller (Tony).