Guest policy


  1. Text photo of your ID one time to Tony at 856-237-9199
  2. Text “I agree to abide by guest policy” with your name one time,
  3. Text every time before you arrive.

Guest use of the marina and equipment is welcome under the terms of this guest policy that is meant to assure safety and security. Please read and be familiar with this guest policy. 

  1. WHO IS ELIGIBLE – Members of Baysave and their guests have access to the marina. A Baysave member must be on site when guests are present.
  2. TEXT MESSAGE BASED – All guest communications are based on text messages for convenience and efficiency. Please use  856-237-9199 (Tony’s personal cell) for all phone or text message.
  3. RELEASE OF LIABILITY – The marina and waterways are dangerous. Our facilities are dangerous. You assume all responsibility for your safety and the risk of injury. We are not insured for these risks. You agree to hold us harmless for any harm that comes from your visit here. You acknowledge this responsibility on behalf of all members of your group and your guests who travelled with you to Money Island. Text “I agree to the terms of the guest policyone time before your first visit.
  4. DAILY NOTICE Send a text message each day before arriving. This is important to maintain safety and security. Guests who do not provide advance notice may be visited by a security officer or even police. Guests who do not provide advance notice will be charged a fee for the breach of protocol. EXAMPLE TEXT MESSAGE: “This is Sam Jones. I’ll be fishing with my kids on the deck this afternoon. We need bunker and ice and want to borrow two crab traps.”
  5. NO COMMERCIAL OFFER, BUY/SELL/BARTER/TRADE – There are no costs or fees charged by the marina for recreational use. We do request donations to Baysave to help cover costs. Other members here may offer their own services for a fee. That is separate from the marina policies and control. While it is common for the members of this community to share things without charge. That might include extra supplies, bait, food and drink. This is not a commercial arrangement. Members may also sometimes offer special ‘Thank You’ gifts for supporting Baysave but this is not a commercial offer of the marina.
  6. WHAT’S AVAILABLE – In general, guests may use the property, cabin, boat launch, boats, kayaks, rafts, boat and kayak storage, fuel, boat launch, fishing and other equipment, fishing tackle, crab traps, toys, tools, water, snacks, safety equipment, decks, picnic areas, beach, barbecue grills, refrigerator/freezer, bait, ice, boat wash, undercarriage wash, as specifically agreed in daily notice and consent. It is common to share extra live bait and seafood but no assurance that these are always available.
  7. AVAILABILITY – Please always ask about availability of specific items in advance and do not use things without asking. 
  8. WHAT’S NOT AVAILABLE – We cannot authorize or offer anything that requires a government permit, license, fee, inspection or tax. You are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws. You must complete your own saltwater fishing registry and obtain your own commercial or recreational fishing or harvesting licenses. We have the right to presume that you’ve determined that your actions are legal. We are not responsible for checking or offering an opinion on legal matters. Members operating here may establish their own separate activities with fees that are not part of this agreement. For example, we may host a boat rental business or charter boat business in the future. These services would not be covered by this guest policy.
  9. CONSENT TO BROADCAST – You acknowledge that you are aware that members of the public and law enforcement officials can access the cameras that cover most of Money Island and that you consent to that broadcast.
  10. CHANGES – This guest policy may change over time. This version is current as of `1/19/2022. Your use as a guest presumes that you have read and agree to the most current version published here.
  11. REVOCATION OF GUEST PRIVILEGES – Guest privileges can be revoked at any time with or without cause.
  12. GENERAL GOOD NEIGHBOR BEHAVIOR – Please follow the principle of the ‘Golden Rule’ and act like you are ‘in charge’ when you are here. Leave it a little better than you found it. Put things back in their place. Close gates. If you take something, replace it. Report any problem or if you notice anything broken or missing. Report any suspicious activity. Avoid damaged or dangerous situations. Please introduce (or reintroduce) yourself to others you see here so that we know who is visiting. We have an acceptable behavior policy to encourage civility. Please spread these rules if anyone seems to be unfamiliar.

We hope that you enjoy your visits and will speak with us with any concerns or suggestions.

Tony Novak   856-237-9199

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