Fuel is available on request from licensed delivery resellers. Gone are the days of bulk waterside fuel storage. Now we have fuel delivered from inland inventory management. Think of it as Uber for boat fuel.

We stock limited volume of stabilized ethanol-free Valvtect fuel on site for resident boat operators and for emergency purposes.

Advance order is requested. Call or text Tony or the marina manager as early as possible. Specify the type of fuel, the amount, and the time. Payment is handled in advance by the reseller at the time of delivery. Dockside price is typically $1.00 per gallon higher that street prices.

We do not allow “carry in” fuel by unlicensed persons, including the boat owner. This is the same policy as used by other local marinas and is a core policy in our NJ Clean Marina program participation.

Please note that boat engine manufacturers do not recommend the use of ethanol blended gasoline fuel that commonly sold in New Jersey for automobiles. Specifically E85 should not be put into an engine that is not specifically designed for this fuel. We use gasoline without ethanol for our own boat engines.