Planning for 2019 at Money Island

Looking ahead at the planned redevelopment of Money Island, we know that there will be many changes with an uncertain time frame.

The marina is currently closed for permitting. When it reopens in the spring of 2019, things will be different. This list will change as we get feedback from the state, developers, local government and others. But this is what we see so far for 2019:

Facilities open to members:



boat launches (defined as the concrete or gravel structures on the ground)



rental boats


picnic areas

nature walk areas


parking areas


storage areas

commercial docks (those not owned by MIM)

water service

Facilities closed to members:

ramps (defined as the diagonal walkways connecting a stationary dock with a floating dock)

floating docks

finger docks

fishing docks


fuel system



Grant proposals for Money Island

SBDC logoTwo weeks ago Tony met with the director of the NJ Small Business Development Center at Stockton University to discuss Money Island’s strategic planning for our various businesses. Tangible results are beginning to show.

First, our business plan went through a major update and is available in draft format for public comment. (If you want to see a draft copy, please contact us).

Second, since it is clear that our future depends on success in obtaining government and private sector grants, the SBDC is trying to help us with the grant proposal writing and management process. This is almost a full time job and Tony is already overwhelmed with the first five grant programs wehere we are currently being considered.