3 Rules for Money Island Community 

This information is meant to supplement but does not replace our guest policy.

  1. Call or text in advance. Communicate with a call, text message to Tony at856-237-9199 before entering any areas regardless of the time of day. This policy helps us maintain a safe, secure, clean and cared-for community.
  2. Engage. Our future depends on your active involvement. Please share observations and suggestions. If you are on site, please introduce yourself to anyone else who is on site; this is important for security and community. Let us know about any concerns or repairs that are needed. Leave your areas clean. Tell other people who will appreciate and add value to our community. Join in discussion with our online community.
  3. Enjoy our facilities at your own risk. Marinas, docks and waterways are inherently dangerous. Our private facility is likely even more risky than a public facility. Learn about the risks and exercise caution. Children must wear life preservers under state law.