The name “Money Island Marina”

This post is intended to clarify some issues related to the name “Money Island Marina”:

The name “Money Island Marina” was filed as a fictitious name with the Office of the Clerk of Cumberland County

, New Jersey in 2012.

We are aware that there is more than one “Money Island” in New Jersey and more than one “Money Island Marina” in the U.S.

“Money Island Marina Inc.” was previously used by two now defunct New Jersey business organizations not related to us.

“Money Island Marina LLC” was used by the immediate past management but is not authorized for continuity action after 2018. We anticipate that the entity will be extinguished by the state for non-payment of annual LLC fees.

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Tony Novak

Tony is the accountant for the marina, controller of BaySave Foundation and treasurer for Delaware River Greenway Partnership Inc.

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