Boat Fuel at Money Island

During this pandemic shutdown boat fuel is available to shareholders and licensees by private arrangement. We no longer offer drive up fuel sales to the public.

By now you might have noticed that our local gas stations in New Jersey are selling E85, an automotive fuel with 15% ethanol. This is suitable for cars but not for boats. To be clear, no outboard manufacturer endorses this fuel and using it may cause engine problems and possibly void your warranty.

Some marinas may sell the E85, but we do not know why. This is a disaster in the making. We do not sell it. Even with additives, it is unsuitable as boat fuel. We recommend the use of ethanol-free fuel for all outboard boat engines.

Do not pump gasoline from a station into a portable tank and dump it into your boat fuel tank. If you do

, it’s only a matter of time before you have engine problems and miss some nice days on the water.

Here are a few tips:

  1. If you want boat fuel (gas or diesel) here at Money Island, please just ask, we can have it delivered. We do not have enough people here to warrant the high state fees to sell it ourselves.
  2. Keep a few sealed quart cans of ethanol-free fuel (photo below) in your car or boat for emergencies.
  3. Use fuel additives as recommended by your engine manufacturer.
  4. Gas without ethanol is available and it is apparently legal to use in New Jersey. It’s just not legal to sell it. It may need to be purchased out-of-state. We can help you get it on request.

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Tony Novak

Tony is the accountant for the marina, controller of BaySave Foundation and treasurer for Delaware River Greenway Partnership Inc.

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