Old misinformation on ‘marina sale’ resurfaces this weekend

video reinforcing ‘marina not for sale”

Yesterday a Money Island homeowner said that he saw that the marina is still listed for sale on the internet even after my work to debunk the story a while ago. He found my prior explanation that it was an unauthorized listing to be incredible. I agree; it was incredible and I still don’t understand how a reputable Realtor would accept a ‘for sale’ listing not signed by the property owner without any evidence that the ‘seller’ had legal authority to do so.

The MLS listing scheme was reportedly modified to say that it is only the mortgage holder’s interest that is being offered for sale

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, not the property or business equipment. But I have no proof of the modification and that is little comfort to the business operators here.

I re-traced the issue online and find that whatever is still posted online as real estate for sale is just leftover from the original mishap and not a new second offense by either the Realtor or the publisher who were both served with a cease and desist letter when I discovered the scheme. We all know that just because it is on the internet does not mean that it is true.

The underlying source seems to be the same attorney who is facing disciplinary charges for making a similar false claim to represent the owner back in 2012. We expect that he will eventually be held liable for damages for these false statements.

My point is simply to reassure the business community that the marina is not for sale


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, that current management expects to continue to operate it, that we are working through the legal process to address the old open mortgage issue and that this attorney may eventually face consequences for his actions.

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Tony Novak

Tony is the accountant for the marina, controller of BaySave Foundation and treasurer for Delaware River Greenway Partnership Inc.

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