Grant proposals for Money Island

SBDC logoTwo weeks ago Tony met with the director of the NJ Small Business Development Center at Stockton University to discuss Money Island’s strategic planning for our various businesses. Tangible results are beginning to show.

First, our business plan went through a major update and is available in draft format for public comment. (If you want to see a draft copy, please contact us).

Second, since it is clear that our future depends on success in obtaining government and private sector grants, the SBDC is trying to help us with the grant proposal writing and management process. This is almost a full time job and Tony is already overwhelmed with the first five grant programs wehere we are currently being considered.


Our resident ducks

These two black ducks have lived around the marina for a few years. They are not afraid of Bruce or Tony and often they are within a few feet of our front door in the morning.  They like hanging around the boat ramp but seem to disappear later in the day when we get any traffic. Yesterday we were concerned when we only saw one duck alone. We hoped the other was nesting since this seems to be the time of year for that. We hate to think of the alternative. But then later in the day we spotted both of them swimming near the fishing dock.


Planning for the rest of May’s weather

10 day forecast

The frequency of rain forecast this month is already old news. But beyond that, we see that the weekend forecast looks good for flounder fishing.

The biggest single weather issue for us at Money Island is that we must have winds of at least 5-10 mph to keep the gnats away. The breeze is usually stronger here than what is forecast for inland locations above. When the breeze dies (as is common at dist when the direction of wind changes) or when you step into a spot where the breeze is blocked then these tiny bugs are intolerable at this time of year. So our best hope is for wind enough to clear the bugs away but not enough to keep the fishing boats from going out.

Bruce is still running the bait shop heater in the morning. Maybe we can put it away by the end of the week. It looks like a quick change-over to the bedroom AC will be needed within the next few days.

Long term temperature outlook

We’ve just finished the warmest year in the history of weather recordkeeping. Now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says there is a 75 percent chance that by fall we will have cooler temperatures globally.

All I know is that here we are May 21, mid-morning, and I’m wearing a sweater and a jacket at the marina. Most years by the second week of June I can’t stand to be outside too long. I come inside about once an hour to cool off and change out of my dripping wet sweaty work clothes.

Old misinformation on ‘marina sale’ resurfaces this weekend

video reinforcing ‘marina not for sale”

Yesterday a Money Island homeowner said that he saw that the marina is still listed for sale on the internet even after my work to debunk the story a while ago. He found my prior explanation that it was an unauthorized listing to be incredible. I agree; it was incredible and I still don’t understand how a reputable Realtor would accept a ‘for sale’ listing not signed by the property owner without any evidence that the ‘seller’ had legal authority to do so.

The MLS listing scheme was reportedly modified to say that it is only the mortgage holder’s interest that is being offered for sale, not the property or business equipment. But I have no proof of the modification and that is little comfort to the business operators here.

I re-traced the issue online and find that whatever is still posted online as real estate for sale is just leftover from the original mishap and not a new second offense by either the Realtor or the publisher who were both served with a cease and desist letter when I discovered the scheme. We all know that just because it is on the internet does not mean that it is true.

The underlying source seems to be the same attorney who is facing disciplinary charges for making a similar false claim to represent the owner back in 2012. We expect that he will eventually be held liable for damages for these false statements.

My point is simply to reassure the business community that the marina is not for sale, that current management expects to continue to operate it, that we are working through the legal process to address the old open mortgage issue and that this attorney may eventually face consequences for his actions.

The High Cost of Internet at Money Island

Internet is a requirement for individuals and businesses today. Yet in places without wired internet service, the wireless alternatives are incredibly expensive. We recently switched back to Verizon Wireless to improve reception (other services are cheaper but that doesn’t matter if we can’t connect). It looks like at our current rate of basic usage (no streaming) our charges will jump to hundreds of dollars per month.

Verizon data