Money Island Marina

The marina is slowly reopening after a long shutdown. The marina remains closed to the public, however, visitors are still welcome under the guest policy.

2022 services include support for recreational and commercial boating, kayaking, docking, mooring, bait, ice, tackle, supplies, fishing and crabbing equipment, tools, maintenance and repairs for Baysave members and their guests. We hope to resume more services in 2022 and sharing spaces for picnics and events but still have major repair work and rebuilding on site staffing before that is possible.

Also, for the first time, some services will be offered at locations other than Money Island, still under the same Baysave member and guest agreement.

The big change for 2022 is that marina access will be offered to Baysave members or the guests of Baysave members while on site, not through Tony as the on-site resident.

For more information leave a message on the marina phone line at (856) 447-3576 or call/text Tony at  (856) 237-9199.