Money Island Marina 2022

The westernmost portion of the Money Island Marina property (the front lot facing the road upon entering Money Island) is now used as a private residence. Most commercial and recreational activities are relocated to other more suitable spaces. Boat launch use is still available under the guest policy.

GUEST POLICY: For 2022, visitors to the marina will be either members or guests of a member. Members may be active either in the recreational, commercial or research activities here. Use of facilities is welcome under the GUEST POLICY that may be updated periodically.

RECREATIONAL USERS: Ask about boating, kayaking, beach, crabbing, shellfish harvesting, hiking, fishing, and sightseeing options. Equipment is available under separate policies. Please be considerate that the marina is primarily a commercial seafood landing port and facility use priorities are set accordingly.

COMMERCIAL USERS: We are seeking a new harbor master to coordinate commercial activity. in the meanwhile, please speak with Tony.

We are pleased to introduce charter boat services (coming soon) and expanded sales, rental, storage and repair boat services at Money Island. Boat storage and mechanical services, dry dock, mooring, emergency, and boat launch services are now available.

For more information call   (856) 447-3576 or, if no answer, send a text to Tony at  (856) 237-9199.