Money Island Marina 2021

A Letter From Our Controller on Money Island 2021 Use Procedures

Dear Guests:
2020 was a crazy year. It was dangerous and costly time for me personally here at Money Island with the marina closed. I personally suffered two assaults, break-ins, thefts, a civil claim and a state lawsuit for unauthorized use of the property. Many visitors came from long distances during the pandemic shutdown just for fishing and I tried to accommodate but it did not end well for us. We must make changes for next year.

To be clear:

  1. The recreational marina business is closed. The property is now a personal residence.
  2. Use of the property is encouraged for a wide range of safe, legal and sustainable activities but ONLY by pre-negotiated written contract.
  3. Uses permitted only by contract include: jetty fishing, boat launch, use of Baysave boats, kayaks, decks, storage, bait, ice, equipment, boat storage, boat dockage, aquaculture, research, camping, cabins, and charter boats.
  4. Trespassing is not permitted and will be prosecuted next year.
  5. Dock use requires a separate government permit.
  6. Free public locations are available on the eastern side of Money Island across the bridge that do not require any of these preparations.
  7. State and municipal laws apply (fishing from bridge and bulkhead, parking, fishing registration and catch rules, etc.) but these are not my concern.

Text me at (856) 237-9199 each day before using property to receive a written day pass. A $50 security dispatch charge may apply even if you are authorized to be here but do not have a Day Pass.

Tony Novak, Controller

BaySave Corporation, P.O. Box 333, Newport NJ 08345 (856) 447-3576

NJ Charity Registration Number: CH3758200