Money Island Community 2020

The “Money Island Marina” is now “Money Island Community”. The marina property is now a private property. The retail businesses that operated here are now closed with no plan of reopening. Owner Tony Novak invites public use of the facilities with advance arrangements. For more information call or text (preferable) Tony at 856-237-9199.


If you are coming to Money Island for any of these reasons, it is necessary to call or, better yet, send a text message:

  • Host a group event
  • Use the boat launch
  • Get boat service
  • Buy or sell a boat, equipment, seafood or other
  • Use the marina property for any purpose
  • Get bait, ice or emergency supplies
  • Access first aid or safety equipment
  • Use the cabins, changing rooms or bathrooms
  • Use the picnic or barbecue areas
  • Use our boats

Please remember that the marina retail business is closed. Everything is locked. There is no longer a full time manager but all activity on site is monitored by remote security staff. You must make direct personal arrangements with me before visiting so that I can make plans in advance. I feel bad when someone shows up unplanned and is disappointed that things are closed. We want people to visit and I’ll do whatever possible to make your visit enjoyable.

Please do not enter any of the commercial properties, docks or private properties without specific permission. This will only result in trouble and will likely trigger a remote security alarm.


You do not need to make prior contact or arrangements for any of these reasons, although we do appreciate the opportunity to meet visitors here on site:

    • Fishing and walking on the public beaches
    • Driving, walking, biking on public roads

Please note that it is always unpermitted under local law to use the bridges for fishing or crabbing, drive on beaches, parking in marked areas, use unlicensed vehicles on the road and using the beaches after permitted hours. Please remember that all of these are recorded on video. I normally won’t initiate a complaint, but the increase in Covid era crime and abuse incidents means that we are taking a more strict stance on visitor violations as a longer term preventative measure. I will turn over recordings of local ordinance violations at the request of an investigator. – Tony Novak