Two year boat slip promotion for 2017

For the 2017 season we created a marketing program designed to attract new, more active boaters. This page explains the details of the offer.

The offer provides waives the second seasonal boat slip fee ($45 X the size of the boat in feet) when the following conditions are met:

  1. The first year lease is executed and then expires in good standing.
  2. The boater spends $400 in fuel at the marina as recorded in our accounting records. A record of cumulative sales transactions is available on request. Our fuel price at the dock is targeted as $1.00 per gallon above the lowest local “street price”. We presume this works out to about 125 gallons over the course of the season.
  3. The slip lease is paid in full at the beginning of the season or at execution (whichever is later) and not financed by us over the course of the season.


  1. Number of slips offered under this arrangement is limited at the discretion of management. We plan to offer about 5.
  2. All slips are “first come, first served” regardless of whether participating in this promotion or not.
  3. The promotion does not apply to the new finger dock upgrade fee.
  4. Offer does not apply to shorter term leases.
  5. Does not apply to trailer storage fee.


  1. The offer for free dry docking applies to boaters who winter here between the first and second year of this promotion offer.
  2. All boat slip rentals include unlimited ramping and dock fishing at no extra charge.
  3. See this page for a downloadable rental agreement.