Motor Boat Rentals


We offer a range of motor boats for rental. Rentals are offered on a first-come first served basis. Reservations can be made by calling in with a credit card payment of the basic rental price. If you cancel after making a paid reservation, credit is issued for a future rental.

We now have fishing kayaks for rental.

Requirements to rent

  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. A NJ boat safety course card OR completion of our on-site pre-rental boat safety course.
  3. A valid driver’s license
  4. a cell phone (If no working cell phone then the handheld marine radio is required equipment),
  5. A credit card or $200 cash for deposit


The boats and equipment may change over time. Sometimes boats or motors are unavailable during periods of repair.

1 person – 8’ Jon Boat with 55 pound thrust Minnkota salt water motor

Rates: $30/day

2 persons maximum – 10′ Jon Boat with 2.5 hp 2 stroke Yamaha engine

Rates: $40/day*

3 person maximum – 12′ Lowe Boat with 6 hp 4 stroke Yamaha engine

Rates: $50/day*

4 person maximum – 17′ Seacraft boat with 15 hp 4 stroke Yamaha engine

Rates: $60/day*

5 or more persons – a pontoon boat is coming but is not available yet

*1/2 day rates are $10 less. 2 hour rates are $20 less. Weekend and holiday rates are $10 more. Rate includes fuel but does not include equipment charges or pre-rental boat safety course fee.

Pre-rental boat safety course

This section applies if you do not have evidence of taken an approved NJ boating safety course. The rules are established and enforced by the NJ State Marine Police.

Our own pre-rental safety course takes about 10 minutes and costs $5. The operator’s certificate issued is good for that day only.

Purchase of the NJ Boater Safety manual is required. The cost is $10. This must be in your possession on the boat at all times. If you return to rent on additional days, bring your book to avoid the need to repurchase it.


The equipment may vary slightly on different boats. The dollar amount represents the charge if the equipment is not returned in good condition.

  • Paddle $10
  • handheld marine radio $150 (optional, requires $50 extra deposit)
  • Air Horn $10
  • Life Vest $5 to $25
  • Dock Line $5
  • Anchor Line $15
  • Anchor $15
  • Battery $100
  • Battery Cable $25
  • Motor $400 to $1,800
  • Boat $250 to $1000
  • Bail Scoop $1
  • NJ Boating Safety Handbook $10

General provisions

All rentals are subject to the details included in the rental agreement.

The marina manager is Bruce. Rental boat managers are Tristan and Doug. Two marina staff members must be present during a boat rental.

Rentals are available only for boat use in the creek. Boats may not be taken into the open bay.

We may cancel any rental if safety is a concern.

Rentals are for calm weather only. If weather turns rough and we cancel a rental then credit will be issued for another rental.

1/2 day is approximately 4 hours before noon or after 1 pm. 2 hour rate, if available, falls within either 1/2 day period.

All rental end until one hour before closing.