Marina Membership

Money Island Marina is a private members-only nonprofit facility. Membership provides access to all activities and resources.

A membership FAQs page is available with more information, however, this has NOT been updated for 2020. Some things have changed. The FAQs will be updated soon.


HOW TO JOIN: Just fill out the short membership application form at the marina office or below at the bottom of this page. Quick Link to online visitor or membership registration.

HOW TO PAY: Pay in person at the marina or online (we take cash or cards online). Members have “charge privileges”.

GUEST POLICY – Members are welcome and encouraged to bring guests. Please have your guest check-in on arrival and sign a visitor registration.

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS – Members in good standing have access to the following privileges.

  • Boat launch
  • Boat wash
  • Use of a cabin, beach or picnic dock area, subject to availability
  • Use of crab traps and loaner fishing equipment
  • Use of our floating fishing docks, piers and stationary docks
  • Live/fresh/frozen bait – as shared privately by other members: minnows, shedder crab, grass shrimp, fiddler crab, bunker, eels, clams, oysters.

    Marina members have access to a 24/365 self-serve and self-storage kiosk with a variety of fresh and frozen baits.
  • Locally made artificial blood worms and other artificial bait
  • Ice for cooling fish, crabs and food while on site or traveling from the marina
  • Assistance with registration and printing of NJ saltwater fishing registration
  • Use of our covered deck, seating and picnic areas and beach gazebo for private events
  • Plenty of free Parking
  • Fish cleaning tables
  • Use of our fishing kayaks 
  • Use of crabbing trot line and crab traps
  • Use of cast net, shrimp net and seine net for catching live bait
  • Use of loaner life jackets (children under 12 must wear life jackets by law)
  • Use of loaner fishing equipment 
  • Use of the marina boats – as approved by the boats’ owners, and subject to other legal requirements.
  • Mini boating safety course available for one-day boat operator’s permit (allows you to operate a local motorboat)
  • Priority ordering of crabs and seafood as available at market price or occasionally offered to members at a discounted price.
  • Discounts and offers from local businesses
  • Special deals offered via text message or social media throughout the season
  • Authority to make reservations in advance for bait, seafood, equipment or facilities
  • Authority to make member account charges on site without paying cash on site
  • Access to dry dock for short term or long term rental (under separate boat slip rental agreement)

DONATIONS: Members using marina services are encouraged to offer donations to Baysave.

CASH DEPOSIT FOR LOANER EQUIPMENT: A cash deposit may be required to ensure the return of loaned equipment. The deposit is returned when you notify us that the equipment is returned in good condition to its original storage location.

RESTRICTIONS/DISCLAIMER – Membership benefits are offered on a best-efforts basis. We recognize that it is not possible to offer every membership benefit to every member at all times. Availability of these benefits are subject to factors outside of our control including weather, mechanical breakdown and natural conditions. The marina manager may ration or restrict benefits at his discretion. Our inability or election to not offer specific benefits is understood and agreed by members to not be a basis for a claim of breach of the membership agreement offer.

Online visitor / membership inquiry form