Bait and Ice

NEW for 2018: A range of fresh bait and ice are available to marina members at no extra charge. 
We carry a range of fresh and frozen baits that vary day to day. Call the marina to check on availability and pricing.
  • bunker
  • minnows
  • spearing
  • mackerel
  • tube squid
  • pro-cut squid strips
  • grass shrimp
We also carry artificial baits in the tackle shop.
We have loose cubed ice for $5 per large white bucket (approximately 18-20 pounds) from a new high volume, high efficiency ice maker. Bring your own cooler or buy the bucket for another $1.  We generally do not use plastic bags in order to reduce the trash that too often wind up in the water. Ice bags are a significant pollutant in the bay. Read more here about our efforts to produce environmentally and economically responsible ice for the marina community.