Boat slips and dry dock

boats at Money Island Marina

We are now taking applications for 2019 boat slip and dry dock rentals. We will accept a reservation with a $100 deposit. Deposits are not refundable except in the limited circumstanced described in the written member agreement. Download the application and agreement here.

Money Island Marina docking rates

Standard Docking rates
Prices are for a season contract. See below for short term use.

Dry Dock – $500 for boat and trailer near boat ramp

Trailer Parking – $150 per year

Finger dock up to 23′ – $1,000 plus $100 fuel surcharge

Linear dock up to 32′- $2,000 plus fuel surcharge

Short term dockage
$50 per day or up to 25% discount from the annual amount, whichever is lower.

Marina membership required
Marina membership is required for all dockage services except transient dockage. See the marina membership agreement for details.

Fuel surcharge
Dock leases for 2019 prohibit carrying gasoline on site to the docks and require a minimum of $100 fuel purchase per dockage contract. The $100 is charged in advance with the contract. Each dock is credited with $100 purchase of gasoline at the price at the time of purchase.

A copy of the application, rental agreement and marina policies is available for download. Alternately, you can request a printed copy at the marina office.