Blue claw crab pricing

Crab pricing varies daily. Supply and demand are the biggest factors affecting price and these are outside of our control. But there are pricing factors that you can control. Our commercial crabbers typically harvest blue claw crabs in smaller quantities, often in response to specific orders or expected demand. We sell live ‘swimming crabs’ at the marina in a tank individually. Crabs are then bagged or boxed for live transport. Marina members may use on-site equipment to cook and clean their crabs but most transport them live.

Get today’s price quote

Call or text with the quantity and date needed to 856-237-9199. We will respond with an electric invoice. Price quote is good for 30 minutes. We will confirm receipt of payment and confirm the order. Once paid, you are protected from any price change.

Get the best deal

These factors affect your price that you can control:

1) advance payment (reduces price more than any other factor)

2) pickup or delivery details (time and location)

3) number of crabs (discounts possible over 50 crabs)

4) day of the week (crabs are more expensive on Friday and Saturday)

Estimated pricing

For planning purposes, this pricing may help. This is not a price quote. Your price will be higher or lower.

SMALL: $.50 to $1.00 for a crab over 4 1/2″ but under 5″

MEDIUM: $1.00 to $2.00 for a crab over 5″ but under 5 1/2″, mostly males

LARGE: $2.00 to $3.00 for a crab over 5 1/2″ but less than 6″, mostly males

JUMBO: $3.00 or more for a crab over 6″, mostly males

SHEDDER: $2.00 for a live female shedder crab over 3 1/2″, typically for weakfish or striper bait


Quantity needed

Plan to serve 3 to 6 crabs per person. Your guests may be different but this is our experience in hosting dozens of crab dinners for a variety of groups of dinner guests.

Numeric Grading

Crabs are traditionally graded numerically (#1s, 2s, 3s). We do not use that system because that grading varies between sellers and locations and even recently changed here in the local commercial crab market. In other words, the term “#1s” doesn’t have any precise or widely agreed upon meaning so it has limited value to crab buyers.

Bushel pricing

Crabs are traditionally packed and sold in bushel baskets. We do not use this method but will accommodate a customer request for a bushel basket. (We sell the baskets, New or used, with or without crabs). If you buy a bushel, be aware that it includes some dead crabs. The industry standard is up to 20% dead crabs.

Last minute deals

We often offer special daily deals on mixed sized crabs or unsold quantities. Those deals are posted on social media and are valid only until those specific daily crabs are sold on that day. These deals are short-lived, sometimes as short as 30 minutes before unsold crabs must be shipped to a wholesale dealer.

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