Blue claw crab pricing

Our commercial crabbers typically harvest blue claw crabs in smaller quantities, often in response to specific orders or expected demand. We sell live ‘swimming crabs’ at the marina in a tank individually. Crabs are bagged for live transport. Marina members may use on-site equipment to cook and clean their crabs.

The usual pricing of live crabs is:

SMALL: $.50 for a crab over 4 1/2″ but under 5″

MEDIUM: $1.00 for a crab over 5″ but under 5 1/2″, mostly males

LARGE: $2.00 for a crab over 5 1/2″ but less than 6″, mostly males

JUMBO: $3.00 for a crab over 6″, mostly males

SHEDDER: $2.00 for a live female shedder crab over 3 1/2″, typically for weakfish or striper bait

Typically plan to serve 3 to 6 crabs per person.

We often offer special daily deals on mixed sized crabs. Those deals are posted on social media and are valid only until those specific daily crabs are sold on that day.

Pricing may be higher during periods of peak demand.

Ticketing for Sunday August 12 Event

On Sunday August 12 at 7:00 PM we will host a meteor show watching event for our members and quests at the marina. Because the event has the potential to attract more attention than we expected, we are implementing these ticketing policies:

  • The event will be limited to 40 adult ticket holders. Children don’t need tickets.
  • Marina members can obtain tickets for themselves and guests.
  • If you are not a member and don’t know any marina members, call and ask to speak with our membership manager.
  • Ticket are offered for a $15 donation per adult donation to Baysave, a 501(c)(3) and NJ registered charity.
  • Tickets are cancellable in writing via text message up until 10 AM on the day of the event. After that you are on the hook for the amount of the donation.
  • If we cancel the event for weather or other reasons, the donations may be refunded.
  • Payment can be made electronically (we can sent an electronic invoice) or paid later at the door. (As with all marina transactions, members can use ‘house charge’ and settle later).
  • Tickets will be issued via text message.
  • To get tickets, fill out the secure registration form here. and look for text message confirmation. Use the text message as your ticket.


  • State law requires children to wear a life jacket when on docks. The best option is to bring your own. We have a limited number of loaners and some available for sale.
  • Plan to wear bug spray at dusk and night-time at any event on the water. Bring your own or we have it available if you don’t.