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NJ Clean Marina logo.jpegIn 2013 through 2015 Money Island Marina went through an intensive training, planning and implementation program as part of the NJ Clean Marina program. It took many hours and cost thousands of dollars. In my opinion it was a highly valuable experience. Clearly it led to cleaner and more sustainable business practices but also provided benefits to other stakeholders.

Finally, in the spring of 2015 we completed our final on-site inspection for certification and I was proud of us for completing the program (even though I complained about some of the costs associated with our adoption of new business practices). After some months when we did not receive the promised plague indicating completion of the program, I called the program administrator. He said that the program had run out of funding and he hoped that funding would be restored.

Now, three years later the program is still unfunded and idle.* The web site is still up but hasn’t been updated in these past few years. This week at the 2018 NJ Sustainability Summit I had time to consider our position on this. I made a decision to promote the program and use the logo in hope of drawing public attention to the fact that this program lacks the leadership and support it deserves.

So, yes, I feel a little miffed about putting in a lot of time and money to make these transformations and then not getting the promised recognition by the state. Also, I feel a little uncomfortable using the logo without official confirmation from the state. But we know that often the best way to move toward positive change is to be a little on the edgy side. We will continue to promote sustainable practices for our marina and others, with or without official state endorsement and support.

*Update: On August 14, 2018 the program administrator for the state of New Jersey said that NJDEP blocked our acceptance into the program. I replied that this was news to me and implied that his earlier response was not truthful.

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Tony is the accountant for the marina, controller of BaySave Foundation and treasurer for Delaware River Greenway Partnership Inc.

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